CP Workshop • Find Your Niche • CHICAGO

CP Workshop • Find Your Niche • CHICAGO

1,150.00 1,500.00

• Photography Workshop

• Saturday October 20th - Sunday October 21st | 10am - 3pm


• Only 10 slots available

• PRE-SALE registration is OPEN ($350 OFF the total cost)

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Back in 2010 when I was first starting my photography business, I remember feeling incredibly overwhelmed, stuck, confused and just really down and out about where to even BEGIN. I had so many goals and aspirations for what I wanted of this new career path I had chosen, but it felt like every which way I turned, I was being TOLD what to do to be considered "successful", even if it didn't feel right to my soul. 

What do I wish I would have been told in those beginning stages of building my photography business? 

  • That my style is purely created through ME, not from outside validation.
  • That my website is a direct reflection of the work and the clients that I will bring in.
  • That how I express myself to the outside world is what I will attract.
  • That I CAN make a fruitful living by being an artist.
  • That posing clients can actually be stress-free and ENJOYABLE, not a daunting, nerve-wracking task. 
  • That a stress free editing experience is possible
  • That a steady, organized work flow will allow me to work less and create more.

I've had this workshop on my heart for quite some time, and now, I'm ecstatic to finally announce that it's here.

This is where we take your company and turn it into your life long passion.  This is where we find your niche, embrace it, and build up your confidence to share it with the world.  

This is where we celebrate you as an artist. 


If you, much like me all those years ago, are ready to stand out and be your most authentic self in your art - to create work that comes from your soul, not from a place of what you THINK you should be creating - and if you're ready to attract your ideal clients and life a live filled with financial security, creation and freedom, then I hope you'll join us for a weekend photography workshop that will uplift, inspire and motivate. 

Saturday October 20th: Behind the Scenes of Your Photography Business

  • Mimosas/coffee & Introductions
  • Attracting your dream clients: working through first impressions, email correspondence, your templates and maintaining client relationships

  • Website reviews: 1-on-1 website analysis to ensure you're sharing what you want to shoot and building up your copy.

  • LUNCH (included)

  • Editing for your style: Lightroom 101, creating your very own personal presets, and learning shortcuts to save you time and increase your delivery turnaround.

  • Q&A: ask any and all questions you have 

Sunday October 21st: Styling & Posing Clients

This day is where you'll be 100% hands on, learning how I style and pose my clients with ease, create natural organic movement in each and every frame and eliminate "stiff", awkward behavior. This is also where you'll be able to create content for your website portfolio and social media. 

  • Mimosas/coffee & a re-cap
  • Posing 101: Families with little kids
  • Posing 101: Infants
  • Posing 101: Bloggers
  • LUNCH (included)
  • Posing 101: Couples 
  • Posing 101: Boudoir (clean & tasteful)
  • Editing with your presets & updating your portfolio

Are you ready to transform your business alongside like-minded artists on the path to finding their authentic, creative selves?


Grab your ticket today.



I can't wait to meet you.