Cassandra Eldridge

Why your "mess" is my inspiration

Cassandra Eldridge
Why your "mess" is my inspiration


by Cassandra Eldridge


Like with any job, my passion within photography ebbs and it flows. Some days I’m so lit up, and other days I’m left wondering where my spark is. Did I leave it back in the coffee shop? Did it get lost in my inbox? Maybe my schedule ate it up and spit it out.

It wasn’t until my process with journaling became a thing that I was able to find the common thread between when my spark ebbed, and when it flowed.

The key was so simple.

My passion is on fire when I’m able to photograph pure vulnerability.

My heart literally shows through the photographs that I create when I can feel like my clients and I are relating on a human level. When I get to photograph heartbreak, a celebration, a toddler walking (wobbly) by his/herself on a mission to explore and find something worthy of holding up with both fists, on purpose.

When a couple is so in love that I can literally feel the cells dancing within their bodies. When a child just wants to make silly faces and rather than get frustrated, the parents see this as an opportunity to embrace their little one’s personality head on.

No shame, just pure enjoyment for what is.

And while I completely understand the desire to have a perfectly curated home upon my arrival (for those clients who book in-home sessions), I also want to encourage you to let go. To unravel. To just let things fall where they may.

Because isn’t that what we as a human race are all struggling with now more than ever? The deep struggle to feel like we always have to be perfect? To compare ourselves to the highlight reels? To find some magical, mythological way to keep it all together and look amazing while doing it?

Juggling 10 balls at once and never letting one drop to the ground.

I say no thank you.

I say bring on your mess. Let me see it — all of it.

Not only does it turn into my inspiration as your photographer, but it turns into real life tangible moments for you - my clients.

Let’s future trip for just one moment — in 10 years when you look back on your images, would you rather see hair in your face and a smile so big that you can actually hear the laugh through the image?

Or would you rather see perfectly straight bodies, staring into a lens, and the only thought you can hear coming through is “do I look skinny enough? Is my hair out of place? I’m uncomfortable”.

Collectively, let’s operate from a place of real, authenticity. Let’s focus more on documenting life in it’s rawest, truest form, and less what we think others expect to see from us.

Let’s be game changers. Are you in?