Cassandra Eldridge

CHICAGO BOUDOIR SESSION • Chicago Boudoir Photographer

Cassandra Eldridge
CHICAGO BOUDOIR SESSION • Chicago Boudoir Photographer

This boudoir session carries with it some really beautiful weight. As I’ve talked about before here on the blog and over on Instagram, boudoir sessions are so much more than just documenting a “sexy” position and handing it over to your partner as a gift.

To me, it’s perfectly unraveling into the root of where you started, and how far you’ve come.

Danielle is a perfect example of this.

When we initially started talking about scheduling her boudoir session, the mission was to create a beautiful album for her husband as a 10 year anniversary gift. Great, this is common. We knew we would photograph her in one of his favorite shirts, and even throw in his cowboy hat for good measure. He is, after all, a country boy.

But what started out as an anniversary gift, turned it so much more.

It turned into a celebration of a woman who has endured loss at a young age. Pain in her adult life. Who has raised 3 kind, beautiful humans — one of which is battling cancer as a toddler.

This session shows strength, power, bravery, motherhood — WOMANHOOD. I stand behind it. I stand behind Danielle and all of the women just like her.

Trying their best and taking the time to celebrate when and where they can.

We’re all so deserving.