Cassandra Eldridge


Cassandra Eldridge

Work day ruts. If you work from home, you know what I'm talking about and you probably hate them as much as I do.  It's like a version of writer's block, and for those of us who blog -- this happens, too!  You feel uninspired, almost like you're staring at a wall and watching paint dry.  It's no way to spark creative energy and come up with new original content. Quite honestly, I even find that I edit photos better when I've got a little pep in my step. So here are 5 ways you can change up your workday routine to ensure you stay on top of your game:


A little change to your decor can go a long way.  Here are some ways you can spruce up your space:

  • Update your vision board. If it's outdated with goals that don't get your heart pumping so much anymore, switch it up. I just use Pinterest. I've go ta private board where I collect images and ideas for what I want to achieve in the near future. 
  • Bring some items from your living room into your office. If you have some pieces that you love looking at day in and day out, yet they live in your living room, bring them into your office space.
  • Fresh flowers. These make such a difference in my mood - plus as I mentioned above, I'd rather watch petals fall from flowers than watch paint dry, so...
  • Light a candle. This instantly gives off a spa-like vibe while you're working away.  It'll calm your stressors on those days where you feel stuck and like you don't have much to give your job.
  • Natural light. If you have large windows in your office, you're already winning! Make sure you're not blocking it with curtains.  If you don't have much in way of natural light, at least move your desk underneath your window so you can get as close to that vitamin D as possible.


My other creative friends do this as much as humanly possible. Working from home can get incredibly lonely and make you feel like you're about to go crazy ;) so sharing your space with someone can help give you new found energy and motivation to get your to-do list in full swing. Plus, I've found that hanging out with other creatives always leaves me incredibly inspired and full of new ideas by the time I leave.


Working in a coffee shop is another good option, but if the weather allows, I love working outside. Being with nature while I'm working tirelessly is a lovely reminder that I'm living the sweet life. I feel blessed to not work in an inclosed office, and at times I can forget how lucky I am. So simply picking up my laptop and heading outside for a work session can completely change my perspective.


Until you do this, I don't think you'll realize how good it feels, and how much it can change your mental state.  We look at our computer's desktop way more than I'm sure any of us would care to admit ;) so changing out that wallpaper to a picture of your kiddo or your favorite trip, maybe your partner, or even just a really beautiful photo of the moon (guilty) - it can bring a relaxing state of mind when we need it most.  Also, don't underestimate how good it feels to get rid of old files that have been taking up space on your screen, and making organized file folders to give everything a place.


You heard me. Some of my best work and best ideas have come from letting go of all expectations, and staying put in my bed with my coffee and my PJs.  I'm comfortable, relaxed, and feel no pressure to get everything done that I normally would if I were sitting up straight in my office chair. Now I wouldn't be able to work like this every day, but it's a total treat once in a while, and really does get my creative juices flowing.


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