M E E T   C A S S A N D R A 


I have a pretty ridiculous craving for coffee at all times, believe that 8 hours of sleep and a tight hug can fix just about anything, love Christmas lights in the house all year round, and would want to be an interior designer if I wasn't a photographer. 

I spend most of my days photographing lifestyle portraits and fashion bloggers around Chicago and the US.  When I'm not doing that, I'm photographing products for a variety of brands, editing said shoots, getting in a session at Pilates ProWorks, and day dreaming about travel; all while talking to my dog Jasper like he's human - because I'm convinced that he is.

I also run a lifestyle blog called The Calm Collective, and would love for you to come say hi! 

I feel most at peace when I'm surrounded by my mom, sister, niece + nephews, and when I'm wearing my late father's cashmere sweaters. Few things make me happier than cooking alongside some music and a glass of vino, and listening to my (current) favorite band - Vancouver Sleep Clinic. 

Let's create some magic together. x